Building Your Chatbot: How to Design Flows

It’s important to keep in mind that the purpose of the bot can iteratively evolve based on user feedback. For example, in 2016, KLM Airlines created a Facebook Messenger chatbot originally intended to help users book tickets. Most chatbots are based on a set of rules that dictate the answer to a specific question by drawing the necessary resources from a knowledge base. The richer this knowledge base, the more complete the range of questions your chatbot can answer. RASA NLU is used to process and understand natural language. It can be used to create chatbots that can understand human language.

How To Design A Chatbot

We have all had an experience with a chatbot….Good or bad, these robots do not leave us indifferent. The impression can be excellent or disappointing, and transition from one state to another can happen very quickly. Let’s see what the tips are to overcome the limits of our chatbots. This article focuses on what I call “Transactional Chatbots” — Bots that help users perform certain tasks based on user input. Facebook Messenger, Slack and other messengers have their own UIs. There is nothing you can do about it but design the interactions and dialogues your bot will have with the visitors.

Select the right chatbot solution

Use a tool, like Botmock or Botsociety, to easily create a working demo so you can see how the conversation really flows. The word chatbot is not only creating a buzz on the tech side of the industry but also amongst the UX designers. Back in 2011 everyone was talking about Responsive Design but now it is the conversational interface. From there, it’s just a matter of applying the personality type to your chatbot through the use of dialogue and emojis.

The Rise Of AI-Powered Chatbots Causes Google’s Management … – Digital Information World

The Rise Of AI-Powered Chatbots Causes Google’s Management ….

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Because of our bank customer’s profile, we were very selective when choosing the emojis we used. We chose only a few that could contribute to a sincere dialog that remained explicitly professional. A chatbot can be designed either within the constraints of an existing platform or from scratch for a website or app. With keyword triggers, you can take an educated guess and predict what your prospects or customers might say or ask your chatbot. Once you’ve logged into your MobileMonkey OmniChatⓇ dashboard, head over to the “Chatbot” menu to get started and follow the prompts to select your chatbot’s channels. This automation represents a very interesting time saving for the bot administration team.

What are chatbot flows? How do you build them?

Botsociety has a lot of powerful features that simplify the chatbot design process. Botsocietyis another design and prototyping tool for conversational scenarios in both chat and voice. It’s super easy to use and has features like drag & drop, undo, instant preview, and more. The developer handoff helps you go from a prototype document to chatbot development. There is an option to automatically extract design specifications for developers and save your team hours of manual work. With the powerful API facilitating handover to any development environment, your team would not have to copy-and-paste anything.

  • This should give you a good understanding of the different ways users approach the task.
  • The rule of thumb here should be, make the chatbot as short as it can be get its job done.
  • A user interface is comprised of the visual elements that contribute to a well-conceived user experience that will improve a user’s life in some way.
  • In defining the aim of chatbots, designers should consider design considerations and design options to build a practical conversational experience.
  • Quick Replies appear prominently above the composer, with the keyboard-less prominent.
  • That teamwork makes for better responses and greater user loyalty.

Merve is a senior UX and product designer with extensive knowledge in user research and testing for a wide range of clients and industries. Furthermore, you can use keywords on different messaging automation channels, How To Design A Chatbot all within MobileMonkey, such as SMS keywords for text message marketing. At the bottom is “Chatbot agent brand and tone of voice” which asks you to rate a scale of 1-10 how professional or casual your brand is.


As per defining the role of your bot, the idea is to direct your effort where it will have the most significant impact. Start by listing scenarios in which your customers would find the bot useful. ‍Use real customer data, not just your impressions of customer problems and behavior. The two-sentence conversation below contains a wide variety of implications. This is why trying to be conversational intentionally is not that easy.

So, for example, if your bot has simple triggers, actions and filters, you might have a single purpose bot with a single flow. A trigger is the user input that will lead the bot to take action. The most common triggers are usually messaging triggers, but Flow XO provides different types of triggers that might fit better to your flow.

Find ways to handle fragmented messages

One way to gather data on user satisfaction is through success surveys that can be applied to chatbots. When users reached the end of a conversation with our banking chatbot, they were presented with a simple survey question so we could know if the information was satisfactory or not. UX designers love user data and how it can enhance a user experience. Similar to a website or an application, a chatbot needs to be tracked and analyzed in order to iteratively improve. Additionally, a chatbot’s response can strategically guide the user back to the existing flow.

The filters, however, will select which trigger and action should be executed. It simply determines if a trigger or action should be activated at a certain time. For example, an action may have a filter that will only allow users to continue the conversation if they answered the previous question with “Yes”. Gather information Gather information by asking a series of simple questions and validating the answers provided.

The Rise of Conversational Interfaces: What Can We Learn from Texting?

For creating a chatbot, most companies use a word doc, excel, or a simple diagram. These tools can get the work done, but merely getting the job done is not enough in this era of high productivity. Here is a second sample outline, Here a chatbot helps customers make and manage restaurant reservations. That’s why it’s good to cover very specific subjects, related to the goal you have set for your bot.

How To Design A Chatbot

They can track inventory, create shipping labels, and generate invoices. Chatbots can be used to manage projects and track project progress. They can create and assign tasks, set deadlines, and track milestones. Chatbots can be used to generate leads, promote products and services, and close sales. Chatbot that clocks metrics like average resolution time effectively closed tickets and average deflection rate can help determine its success.

What is a chatbot, and how does it work?

A chatbot is a piece of software or a computer program that mimics human interaction via voice or text exchanges. More users are using chatbot virtual assistants to complete basic activities or get a solution addressed in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) settings.

You’ll want to collect feedback from your team and customers on the most common topics people ask about and try to come up with question variations and answers. According to Philips, successful chatbot design equals a conversational experience that provides value and benefits to users that they won’t get from a traditional, non-conversational experience. Non-AI bots give your users less freedom in their answers and so maintain you in control of the conversational flow.

Let’s face it— working on documents can sometimes be a frustrating experience. When the tool dangled a mascot in front of them, it was adding insult to the injury. If you know that your chatbot will talk mostly with the users who are upset, a cute chatbot avatar won’t help. It may be better to use a solution that is more neutral and impersonal. It’s also good to consider human sentiment in each interaction, as Phillips says.

How to design AI chatbots?

  1. Make sure that what you need is a chatbot.
  2. Choose the right platform and framework.
  3. Determine if you need AI and NLP or a simple decision tree chatbot.
  4. Set up goals and stick to them.
  5. Consider the tone and voice.
  6. See to it your chatbot UI is friendly and readable.
  7. Tell your customers that they're talking to a chatbot.

It will also help to map out more users’ questions and train your chatbot to recognize them in the future. Making mistakes is as common for people as it is for chatbots. So, even if you create a great chatbot, it might still get baffled by the user’s question. That’s why, before choosing your solution, you must first decide where you want to launch your chatbot.

  • Leave a message – The bot can ask the user to leave a message.
  • You can train chatbots to answer specific questions about a topic.
  • Conversational user interfaces like Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant offer real-time assistance.
  • But developing bots and adjusting chatbots for multiple messengers and bot SDKs can be complicated.
  • However, in order to make them work the way you need them to, it’s best to follow some simple and effective tips for designing a chatbot that actually works.
  • But if you sell many types of products, a regular search bar and product category pages may be better.

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